Thursday, 21 February 2013

Day 5 - Marooned at Base Camp or Fear and Loathing in Woodburn

Our weather news has now gone viral and certain amongst us are ecstatic with glee! No chance to unfog the sunnies today. We forgive Queen Daisy and Bigfoot for their supermarket fiasco (saved at the last stand by The Oracle and Local Guv implementing their system of supermarket sweep) and tuck into large pancakes (ready mixed) and canadian maple syrup ( 100% pure). Bigfoot and Princess Tabitha head off towards the floods in Coffs.

"We need not weep at parting from diggers going home"

Nanny Tanny, Queen Daisy and Doors to Manual decide to brave the weather and head into the laundromat to complete the weeks washing. Just after the completion of the washing but before the commencement of the drying cycle they were overcome with thunder, lightning and raging wind and rains. They sat safely inside the rod and reel with drinks in hand to wait until it had passed. Back at Base Camp there is temporary panic as the cataclysm penetrates the the interior!

So here we are surrounded by the rising floodwaters of the nearby Richmond River  and hoping we'll make it back to the Big Smoke and further afield for Local Guv who needs to return to her Constituency in the Mother Country.

Pigs might fly and it was raining cats and dogs.....

A great time has been had by all, good team work and many laughs. We've had a wonderful opportunity to see at close hand some of the most spectacular scenery on a yet as untrammeled piece of the NSW North Coast.

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