Thursday, 21 February 2013

Day 5 - Marooned at Base Camp or Fear and Loathing in Woodburn

Our weather news has now gone viral and certain amongst us are ecstatic with glee! No chance to unfog the sunnies today. We forgive Queen Daisy and Bigfoot for their supermarket fiasco (saved at the last stand by The Oracle and Local Guv implementing their system of supermarket sweep) and tuck into large pancakes (ready mixed) and canadian maple syrup ( 100% pure). Bigfoot and Princess Tabitha head off towards the floods in Coffs.

"We need not weep at parting from diggers going home"

Nanny Tanny, Queen Daisy and Doors to Manual decide to brave the weather and head into the laundromat to complete the weeks washing. Just after the completion of the washing but before the commencement of the drying cycle they were overcome with thunder, lightning and raging wind and rains. They sat safely inside the rod and reel with drinks in hand to wait until it had passed. Back at Base Camp there is temporary panic as the cataclysm penetrates the the interior!

So here we are surrounded by the rising floodwaters of the nearby Richmond River  and hoping we'll make it back to the Big Smoke and further afield for Local Guv who needs to return to her Constituency in the Mother Country.

Pigs might fly and it was raining cats and dogs.....

A great time has been had by all, good team work and many laughs. We've had a wonderful opportunity to see at close hand some of the most spectacular scenery on a yet as untrammeled piece of the NSW North Coast.

Day 4 - Minyon Falls

Hip Hip Hooray, its Thursday! No dillidalli (CEO) has determined that there is no rest to be had for the wicked. He lasoo's Local Guv from the top verandah and puts her to work to jolly on the glampers via the eating table. Local Guv is promoted to serving wench when the scrambled eggs appear. Princess Tabitha searched in vain for her rolled spelt but CEO has relagated it to the bin bags, which are now deposited safely behind a store in Woodburn! The promised Margaritas have still not appeared. Planning ensues and no dillidalli with pre determination has tagged two rainforest walks to round off our experience in the rainbow country. Off we go, destination Minyon Falls only an hour away. Can we stop now? pleads Doors to Manual. would have thought her of all people would understand the need to hold it in. No word from Local Guv for a while, as she is concentrating on the Subie's suspension problem. Finally we reach our target ( well as far as the "this national park is closed" boomgate would allow us to go. By this time the constant movement of the wipers is becoming more of a feature of this expedition. Rainforest walk now off the menu, we jointly decide to head for Nimbin. We bump along, and the glam subie team is being shaken off their shackles looking for challenging photo opportunities along the way. Glam hilux team hit The Channon but cannot avail themselves of the local ales as their wet weather gear is not up to the task after the thorough soaking this week. Glam Subie team spot the bedraggled glampers at The Channon: No dillidalli seizes the moment and once again suggests that we try a walk.

The Oracle snarls...

He seems to be on a different planwet to the rest of us, as here on planwet earth at The Channon, the heavens have opened up with mighty force. Walking does not seem like the most appropriate activity to fill the day. However we silently acquiesce, the Oracle snarls, but we trudge up the flooded dirt road to Protestors' Falls for 30 mins. Only to find guess what? The boom gate is closed, and we are unable to walk. Damn says Queen Daisy.

Meanwhile in the Glamlux, Bigfoot is making predications as to our height above sea level based on the speed that the water is torrenting down the road. Princess Tabitha is having difficulty with this concept and a discussion ensues, only to have the complete theory blown apart by No dillidalli at the top of the hill with the fastest torrent running.

Its now story time in the subie, and Queen Daisy is feeling a sense of dejavu. We all enthusiastically support the idea to go hunting for ferals in Nim-Bin. Of particular interest is the boy with the volcanic ear which tested her diagnostic skills 20 years ago. The mother had been pouring onion juice and ginger into the poor little blighters ear for 6 months, and wondered through her purple haze why this had not fixed her son. "Its a natural antibiotic don't you know Doc? Doc (Queen Daisy), promptly syringed said ear, prescribed some unnatural antibiotics and anti fungals (due to the onion), and suprise surprise the boy could hear again. To this day, she is unsure whether she successfully was able to stem the black ooze or whether it has provided the bitumen for the road infrastructure in rainbow country.

We all rendezvous in Nimbin and The Oracle races off to secure a pair of Nimbin tie dye Pants. She tries to persuade the cast that a pair of said pants are indispensable in ones latter years. Meanwhile Nanny Tanny purchases some nice new cups and a teabag holder from the local gallery.We are driven into the arms of the Nimbin local for a bevvie by the driving rain.

Feral Hunting in Nim-Bin

Team Glamlux decide enough is enough and head home while team Subie stick it out for one more. Team Glamlux stop to buy a trailer on the way and an intellectual standoff ensues. Shirley the trailer merchant didn't make a sale and we don"t think she noticed. Team Subie heads out to hunt and gather for the evenings meal. Queen Daisy and Big Foot are in charge.

On arriving home No Dillidalli (with of course no dilly-dallying) has the fire blazing. However there has been uncharacteristic dillydallying over the supply o Margaritas.

On the menu tonight is Greek egg and lemon soup, BBQ lamb leg and a big fat Greek Salad and Eton Mess for dessert. The cast were very satisfied.

Day 3 - Illaroo to Wooli

Local Guv, Nanny Tanny, Queen Daisy, Princess Tabitha & Doors to Manual ready to walk
The next morning after waking up dry, and well rested in Glamp Woodburn after a night of pouring rain, we decided to walk our pre-scheduled Day 3! Just as we made the lunches and prepared to depart, the heavens opened up with force. Unperturbed, we set off anyway. Bills daily flood watch bulliten has now gone to "red alert" which means that all roads, including the pacific highway will be ten foot under, we set off anyway. On arrival at Camp Illaroo the sun was shining and we were feeling decidely wimpy for not sticking out the glamping.. The weather is already screwing up the supply chain in respect to the hydroponically grown coriander. Princess Tabitha is relieved. Her mission to keep us regular means that rolled spelt was once again applied like cement dust over our fresh fruit salad. Her mission was successful. There was a traffic jam like never the Sydney harbour bridge has seen before in line for the loo.
Still have'nt made it to Grafton.....
Nanny Tanny appreciating the coastline!
The Oracle does like the subie seat between her and the ground, and has taken the advantage of the dire  weather warnings to hijack the itinerary. Grafton is now 56 km nearer to us.
The only shelter Local Guv & Nanny Tanny could find!
We are all just getting a bit smarter
We walked along the most spectacular coastline between Illaroo and Wooli, with a short stop for a nudie swim along the way. We nealy made it to the car when The Oracle decided she would walk no further. Local Guv and Nanny Tanny stayed to keep her company, while the rest of the team headed off to find the car. Local Guv and Nanny Tanny lay down for a little snooze, and upon awaking found that The Oracle was missing and it had started to rain. We bunkered down in the only shelter that was available that unfortunately doubled as a drop toilet. Fortunately for us, The Oracle turned up shortly thereafter, sucessfully locating us in the loo.

Local Guv, Queen Daisy & Doors to Manual post swim


Day 2 - Lake Arragan to Illaroo - FLOODED OUT

After a night of protecting the glamp from the "baby" dingo that was sniffing around, we awoke to a gloomy, but not altogether dismissable day. Nanny Tanny does a vogue leg shot out of the gold coast condiminium, with her dinky little ankle wellie with fur trimmings. No apparant damage from the dingos (more later), but a large dose of Deet 900 on every surface would have rotted their teeth in this climate change cycle. After breakfast of porridge and sourdough with ricotta, streaky bacon, figs and honey, we realised the rain was here to stay. In fact, it started raining sideways, crossways and up ways. Our glamp ground was losing its fight with Lake Arragan. Lunches were made, the walkers were ready to set off. But after 5 minutes of said rain, when tents were flooded, we decided that walking was to be abandoned. Board meeting, with all cast present unanimously decided that we would do a shuttle service to Woodburn (base glamp). Left the love-ins behind, as so far there had been no opportunity to consummate the glamp-in. Meanwhile, Arriving safely at Woodburn we all tucked in to champie, even though it was barely 11 am. That made the drying out and unpacking procedure infinitely easier (also CEO was away). We promptly forgot about the love-ins, but thankfully CEO remembered to collect them. The love-ins responded with videos of a near titanic disaster. The rest of the day passed quietly, with team structure still in place, and The Oracle and Doors to Manual providing an excellent feast. We made a fire by the river and all was well with our world. We were glamping. Banjo Patterson reared his head, but none memorable than Gerald the Mouse. However, Mulga Bill was given a second chance at Deadmans creek. We were all then hoping for the rythm of life to encompass us with rhythm in our feet. Nanny Tanny was reminiscing about the 1984 Goubourn Eistedford, where she also performed, solo, a poem with a line that went something like " Hist, hark, the night is very dark. And we've to go a mile or so across the possum park" The rest of he cast were wondering why, and how this was at all relevant to our glamping adventure! Somehow it seemed to work out fine. CEO has finally related cyling to the wheel, having reminisced about a childrens concert where the "mother lost the wheel". Nanny Tanny is meanwhile busy on the iPhone app, and this is the start of of "Said hanrahan- we'll all be rooned" and "there was movement at the station". The night continued with much poetry reading and limericks by the fire, before we all fell into bed.

"For never yet was there a rider that could keep the mob in sight
 If once they gain the shelter of the hills"

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Day 1: Angourie to Lake Arragan

So we have survived day one after a wet start and a tsunami warning from Elders weather 

No Dillidalli
Princess Tabitha
Local Guv
Doors to Manual
The Oracle
Queen Daisy
Nanny Tanny

Local Guv, Doors to Manual & Nanny Tanny

Princess Tabitha & Bigfoot relaxing by the fire

So ready to go, 2 4WDs packed to the gunwales with gear but WAIT, we've forgotten the dish rack. Nanny Tanny races inside, problem solved and we're away.
After an uneventful trip down the Pacific Hwy we hit the coast at Angourie. Our first excursion to the Blue Pools was abandoned due to mosquitoes the size of pterodactyls. So, on to the walk. After 10 metres Queen Daisy needs a pee so the girls all avail themselves of the opportunity to do likewise then ...... and we are off..... on the Walk of the Coastal Emu.

Meanwhile Nanny Tanny and Princess Tabitha head off to establish Glamp via the food and grog shop. They are on domestic duties today, which entails preparing the camp for the whole team and cooking dinner, breakfast and lunch for the next 16 hours. On arrival at Lake Arragan the girls surveyed the site and selected a superior spot on a slight incline and as far from pterodactyls as possible. They proceeded to unload and erect Glamp, complete with kitchen, twin sink, clothes line and lounge with remote control LED lamp. After said erection they sat down for some well earned R&R when sadly and alas Bigfoot and No Dillidalli arrived (after no dillidalli ... ing on a 13km walk) demanding cold beer.
Shortly after, well OK not that shortly, the girls limped into Glamp. With this interruption to the anticipated R&R Nanny Tanny and Princess Tabitha suggested forcefully that we all do another lap. NO WAY. After much whingeing about no lunch break and harsh trek conditions, we had to concede that no dillidalli ... ing provided the opportunity to swim in the lovely Lake Arragan. We downed tools and clothes and jumped in. Relaxed and refreshed we returned to glamp.
Team 1 provided a lovely cheese platter followed by a beef curry and cous cous which was enjoyed by all the hungry walkers. Dessert was a lovely lemon tart complete with candles to celebrate Local Guv's birthday.  The walk, ignored thus far, deserves comment. Some have described it as a treacherous track with huge drop spiders and pterodactyls, others as a time trial.
Beach and coastal heathland provided a most beauteous display. About half way we came to the lovely Shelley Beach and got in sans attire. We were alone .... we thought, but just as the last 2 girls were changing into the birthday suits the local perve decided to take a stroll ... up the beach.
The swim was devine, we waited til he went past to change. 

                                                                                                              No dillidalli plays golf whilst awaiting for everyone to get a move on!

Refreshed we set out to make base glamp. Maps out we made our way from beach to track and back again. On the way, just after the first drop spider scare we came upon a T intersection unmapped and with no signs. The Oracle insisted we sit for 15mins to contemplate and come to a reasoned decision....... and have lunch.  We managed to fool No Dillidalli into stopping. Lunch was taken in a slushy grove with drop spider trees overhead and a golden weaver dancing over Doors to Manuals head. We chose to go left and hit the beach again. The drop to the beach looked like rock but was in fact a mud slide so Doors to Manual attempted a zumba move at the top which ended in a yoga position at the bottom.  We proceeded apace along the beach headed for Glamp central.

Glamp was a welcome site.

As an aid to relaxation the famous 'play footsies' foot spa came out filled with warm water and scented oils. Princess Tabitha and Bigfoot are first in, followed by The Oracle.
Local Guv in contemplation mode

We are on DINGO alert! We received information from the bloke up the road that the big dingo we saw was only the baby
Apparently we have to sleep with our food and be prepared to defend it. That puts the lid on our love-ins.

The roo's are prolific and prolificating, and do provide the camera nerd with Life (as in magazine) opportunities.

                                          It wasn't raining cats and dogs but only kangaroos!

MEANWHILE  Queen Daisy is overconcerned at a recent iPhone alarm warning of a pending pilates appointment.
Our mate Doors to Manual is determined to wear her sponsors uniform for day three.
Princess Tabitha is adding some more scented oil to the foot spa and is considering a sunset trawl of the coast to gather requirements for an optional fish pedicure service.
Local Guv is blue toothing the Oracles 'hotspot' to make contact with local councillors re waste recycling discrimination at the glamp site. Apparently only bottles with X on them and fruit juice are acceptable.
Glamp organiser, Nanny Tanny, has retreated to her model gold coast home, albeit in miniature.
The modular washing up system is indispensible for a clean and tidy glamp. On the daily activities log she needs to give our first fire health safety and dingo watch lecture.

No Dillidalli still thinks he's going cycling!

The Oracle & Doors to Manual doing the essentials

Beginning the bunkering down with No dillidalli bringing the washing indoors

Well. It's just stared raining, and I mean raining men, halleleja.
The Gold Coast house is having guttering problems already. Nanny Tanny has morphed into a wifi hotspot to get a tradesman out.
The Glamp community are becoming concerned about an impending flood emergency and the possibility of swamp fever. The seduction of spicy roast pumpkin and harissa hummous has waned under these threats and a full strategic review of the current layout is required. Advancement was required, or perhaps retreat, so team Glam did the needful and we are now high and dry.

The talk has turned to Nanny Tanny who has planned out to the last pilates class, but No Dillidalli still thinks he's going cycling. 
Time for bed, more adventures tomorrow.

Footsies in the foot spa

                                                                                                                              Glamping around the glampsite

Bigfoot is surveying for pterodactyls in the lake that was our glamp ground