Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Day 1: Angourie to Lake Arragan

So we have survived day one after a wet start and a tsunami warning from Elders weather 

No Dillidalli
Princess Tabitha
Local Guv
Doors to Manual
The Oracle
Queen Daisy
Nanny Tanny

Local Guv, Doors to Manual & Nanny Tanny

Princess Tabitha & Bigfoot relaxing by the fire

So ready to go, 2 4WDs packed to the gunwales with gear but WAIT, we've forgotten the dish rack. Nanny Tanny races inside, problem solved and we're away.
After an uneventful trip down the Pacific Hwy we hit the coast at Angourie. Our first excursion to the Blue Pools was abandoned due to mosquitoes the size of pterodactyls. So, on to the walk. After 10 metres Queen Daisy needs a pee so the girls all avail themselves of the opportunity to do likewise then ...... and we are off..... on the Walk of the Coastal Emu.

Meanwhile Nanny Tanny and Princess Tabitha head off to establish Glamp via the food and grog shop. They are on domestic duties today, which entails preparing the camp for the whole team and cooking dinner, breakfast and lunch for the next 16 hours. On arrival at Lake Arragan the girls surveyed the site and selected a superior spot on a slight incline and as far from pterodactyls as possible. They proceeded to unload and erect Glamp, complete with kitchen, twin sink, clothes line and lounge with remote control LED lamp. After said erection they sat down for some well earned R&R when sadly and alas Bigfoot and No Dillidalli arrived (after no dillidalli ... ing on a 13km walk) demanding cold beer.
Shortly after, well OK not that shortly, the girls limped into Glamp. With this interruption to the anticipated R&R Nanny Tanny and Princess Tabitha suggested forcefully that we all do another lap. NO WAY. After much whingeing about no lunch break and harsh trek conditions, we had to concede that no dillidalli ... ing provided the opportunity to swim in the lovely Lake Arragan. We downed tools and clothes and jumped in. Relaxed and refreshed we returned to glamp.
Team 1 provided a lovely cheese platter followed by a beef curry and cous cous which was enjoyed by all the hungry walkers. Dessert was a lovely lemon tart complete with candles to celebrate Local Guv's birthday.  The walk, ignored thus far, deserves comment. Some have described it as a treacherous track with huge drop spiders and pterodactyls, others as a time trial.
Beach and coastal heathland provided a most beauteous display. About half way we came to the lovely Shelley Beach and got in sans attire. We were alone .... we thought, but just as the last 2 girls were changing into the birthday suits the local perve decided to take a stroll ... up the beach.
The swim was devine, we waited til he went past to change. 

                                                                                                              No dillidalli plays golf whilst awaiting for everyone to get a move on!

Refreshed we set out to make base glamp. Maps out we made our way from beach to track and back again. On the way, just after the first drop spider scare we came upon a T intersection unmapped and with no signs. The Oracle insisted we sit for 15mins to contemplate and come to a reasoned decision....... and have lunch.  We managed to fool No Dillidalli into stopping. Lunch was taken in a slushy grove with drop spider trees overhead and a golden weaver dancing over Doors to Manuals head. We chose to go left and hit the beach again. The drop to the beach looked like rock but was in fact a mud slide so Doors to Manual attempted a zumba move at the top which ended in a yoga position at the bottom.  We proceeded apace along the beach headed for Glamp central.

Glamp was a welcome site.

As an aid to relaxation the famous 'play footsies' foot spa came out filled with warm water and scented oils. Princess Tabitha and Bigfoot are first in, followed by The Oracle.
Local Guv in contemplation mode

We are on DINGO alert! We received information from the bloke up the road that the big dingo we saw was only the baby
Apparently we have to sleep with our food and be prepared to defend it. That puts the lid on our love-ins.

The roo's are prolific and prolificating, and do provide the camera nerd with Life (as in magazine) opportunities.

                                          It wasn't raining cats and dogs but only kangaroos!

MEANWHILE  Queen Daisy is overconcerned at a recent iPhone alarm warning of a pending pilates appointment.
Our mate Doors to Manual is determined to wear her sponsors uniform for day three.
Princess Tabitha is adding some more scented oil to the foot spa and is considering a sunset trawl of the coast to gather requirements for an optional fish pedicure service.
Local Guv is blue toothing the Oracles 'hotspot' to make contact with local councillors re waste recycling discrimination at the glamp site. Apparently only bottles with X on them and fruit juice are acceptable.
Glamp organiser, Nanny Tanny, has retreated to her model gold coast home, albeit in miniature.
The modular washing up system is indispensible for a clean and tidy glamp. On the daily activities log she needs to give our first fire health safety and dingo watch lecture.

No Dillidalli still thinks he's going cycling!

The Oracle & Doors to Manual doing the essentials

Beginning the bunkering down with No dillidalli bringing the washing indoors

Well. It's just stared raining, and I mean raining men, halleleja.
The Gold Coast house is having guttering problems already. Nanny Tanny has morphed into a wifi hotspot to get a tradesman out.
The Glamp community are becoming concerned about an impending flood emergency and the possibility of swamp fever. The seduction of spicy roast pumpkin and harissa hummous has waned under these threats and a full strategic review of the current layout is required. Advancement was required, or perhaps retreat, so team Glam did the needful and we are now high and dry.

The talk has turned to Nanny Tanny who has planned out to the last pilates class, but No Dillidalli still thinks he's going cycling. 
Time for bed, more adventures tomorrow.

Footsies in the foot spa

                                                                                                                              Glamping around the glampsite

Bigfoot is surveying for pterodactyls in the lake that was our glamp ground

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