Thursday, 21 February 2013

Day 2 - Lake Arragan to Illaroo - FLOODED OUT

After a night of protecting the glamp from the "baby" dingo that was sniffing around, we awoke to a gloomy, but not altogether dismissable day. Nanny Tanny does a vogue leg shot out of the gold coast condiminium, with her dinky little ankle wellie with fur trimmings. No apparant damage from the dingos (more later), but a large dose of Deet 900 on every surface would have rotted their teeth in this climate change cycle. After breakfast of porridge and sourdough with ricotta, streaky bacon, figs and honey, we realised the rain was here to stay. In fact, it started raining sideways, crossways and up ways. Our glamp ground was losing its fight with Lake Arragan. Lunches were made, the walkers were ready to set off. But after 5 minutes of said rain, when tents were flooded, we decided that walking was to be abandoned. Board meeting, with all cast present unanimously decided that we would do a shuttle service to Woodburn (base glamp). Left the love-ins behind, as so far there had been no opportunity to consummate the glamp-in. Meanwhile, Arriving safely at Woodburn we all tucked in to champie, even though it was barely 11 am. That made the drying out and unpacking procedure infinitely easier (also CEO was away). We promptly forgot about the love-ins, but thankfully CEO remembered to collect them. The love-ins responded with videos of a near titanic disaster. The rest of the day passed quietly, with team structure still in place, and The Oracle and Doors to Manual providing an excellent feast. We made a fire by the river and all was well with our world. We were glamping. Banjo Patterson reared his head, but none memorable than Gerald the Mouse. However, Mulga Bill was given a second chance at Deadmans creek. We were all then hoping for the rythm of life to encompass us with rhythm in our feet. Nanny Tanny was reminiscing about the 1984 Goubourn Eistedford, where she also performed, solo, a poem with a line that went something like " Hist, hark, the night is very dark. And we've to go a mile or so across the possum park" The rest of he cast were wondering why, and how this was at all relevant to our glamping adventure! Somehow it seemed to work out fine. CEO has finally related cyling to the wheel, having reminisced about a childrens concert where the "mother lost the wheel". Nanny Tanny is meanwhile busy on the iPhone app, and this is the start of of "Said hanrahan- we'll all be rooned" and "there was movement at the station". The night continued with much poetry reading and limericks by the fire, before we all fell into bed.

"For never yet was there a rider that could keep the mob in sight
 If once they gain the shelter of the hills"

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