Thursday, 21 February 2013

Day 3 - Illaroo to Wooli

Local Guv, Nanny Tanny, Queen Daisy, Princess Tabitha & Doors to Manual ready to walk
The next morning after waking up dry, and well rested in Glamp Woodburn after a night of pouring rain, we decided to walk our pre-scheduled Day 3! Just as we made the lunches and prepared to depart, the heavens opened up with force. Unperturbed, we set off anyway. Bills daily flood watch bulliten has now gone to "red alert" which means that all roads, including the pacific highway will be ten foot under, we set off anyway. On arrival at Camp Illaroo the sun was shining and we were feeling decidely wimpy for not sticking out the glamping.. The weather is already screwing up the supply chain in respect to the hydroponically grown coriander. Princess Tabitha is relieved. Her mission to keep us regular means that rolled spelt was once again applied like cement dust over our fresh fruit salad. Her mission was successful. There was a traffic jam like never the Sydney harbour bridge has seen before in line for the loo.
Still have'nt made it to Grafton.....
Nanny Tanny appreciating the coastline!
The Oracle does like the subie seat between her and the ground, and has taken the advantage of the dire  weather warnings to hijack the itinerary. Grafton is now 56 km nearer to us.
The only shelter Local Guv & Nanny Tanny could find!
We are all just getting a bit smarter
We walked along the most spectacular coastline between Illaroo and Wooli, with a short stop for a nudie swim along the way. We nealy made it to the car when The Oracle decided she would walk no further. Local Guv and Nanny Tanny stayed to keep her company, while the rest of the team headed off to find the car. Local Guv and Nanny Tanny lay down for a little snooze, and upon awaking found that The Oracle was missing and it had started to rain. We bunkered down in the only shelter that was available that unfortunately doubled as a drop toilet. Fortunately for us, The Oracle turned up shortly thereafter, sucessfully locating us in the loo.

Local Guv, Queen Daisy & Doors to Manual post swim


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